Types Of Gardening

                        We are living in that period where everybody is busy in its own world. No one cares about any one. Even we don’t know what is going on in our neighbored. That’s why almost everyone has started to do something for passing his time. Everybody has its own choice and taste of work. That’s why everybody has its own different hobbies. But in my opinion Gardening is the best hobby in the world. I am much more confident on my opinion that gardening is the best source of making our time good and happy.


It has many advantages in different aspects. Here we gonna discuss some of them

  • First of all we can spend our time by doing good things. At least we will not regret that “we did nothing and spent our time by doing some useless things”.
  • We can start a good business from our gardening hobby. Suppose we have planted a fruit plant and then it starts to produce good quality of fruits. Then we can sell its seeds in market and can get good money.
  • More ever we can also plant some fruits, vegetables and some different kind of flower plants for our own house. We can get different kind of fruits and vegetables and much more.
  • In a grassy garden we can make a lounge for our guests and may be for ourselves to spend a quality time with our family and friends.
  • A good and well settled garden gives an attractive and marvelous look. Any outsider will surely admire of our house.

Types Of gardening

                        There are many types of gardening. Because it is such a wide field that we can’t even imagine it. Gardening has also done by different methods.

Types of Gardening:-

  1. Shorter level
  2. Medium level
  • Higher level

Gardening can be done in all these types. But it depends upon that how much we want to invest in it. May be we want at shorter level, means just for our house and on medium level that may be in our street and may be in small field. We can also do it in larger areas where we plant a large number of plants and then we generate revenue from it.

                        There are also different methods of gardening and here we are going to discuss them.

Kitchen gardening

                        As from word kitchen, this type of gardening is usually done for our house kitchen. Yeah it is very beneficial for us and it also saves our money. In market may be kitchen type gardening items are not available in good quality. Then at least from kitchen gardening we can get fresh and our desired items. And in market some items are so costly that they give a very bad effect on our budget. So by planting these items we can also save a lot of money from it.

Indoor gardening

                        This type of gardening is used for the better look for our house. In this type of gardening we plant some plants in the house, these types of plants require very less sunlight and water. But they give an attractive and marvelous look to our house. We feel very happy and quite comfortable when we sit in front of these plants.

Best thing is that even a non-experienced person can do this type of gardening. So everyone can do this type of gardening and can spend his time in a good way.

Water gardening

                        This type of gardening has done in water. In this age scientist have discovered many plants that can live only in water and they give astonishing look and everyone becomes happy to see water garden just because of its own natural look. More ever we can also bring up some fishes in that water tub. So by only doing one kind of thing we can do 2 things.

But this type of gardening requires a lot of experience. Because due to water we have to change the water on weekly basis and it requires a lot of experience.

Gardening Tips For Beginners

Gardening is a process in which we plant some different kind of plants which maybe like flower plants, fruit plants or may be some dry fruit plants. We can garden at any scale as it maybe son shorter scale or larger scale. Means we can do it on shorter scale as well as on larger scale.  Meanwhile at shorter scale we can garden just in a limited area and it is mostly because of our own passion and hobby. Because gardening is a great hobby and some people do gardening just as their hobby. They make gardens in their own homes and gardens are of different kinds like indoor gardening, kitchen gardening, organic gardening etc. Like, indoor gardening makes our house good and attractive. Kitchen gardening fulfills our kitchen things requirements. Water garden gives a marvelous look to our home and we can raise fishes in water tub too. So by water garden we can get two benefits.

In this busy world almost everybody is so much busy that we can’t get even time for ourselves. But we need some spare time for relaxing our mind. So that’s why we adopt some hobbies and we want to keep busy ourselves in doing some work.

But beginners always feel so much difficulty when they start gardening for the first time. But there is also a solution for it. By following the some tips, beginners will not feel any difficulties and then after some time they will get enough experience in this field so that they will become professional gardeners.

Tips for the Beginners

            Here we are going to discuss some useful tips.

  • Choice of location is the first thing to make a garden. If you are going to make a garden then you have to choose a good and proper location in your house. The location should be in that place where you can easily water to your garden and no one feel uncomfortable from this location. The best location in many houses is the lounge of your house.

  • Improve of Soil of choice place is the second thing to make a garden. Yeah whenever we want to plant something then the most important thing is to improve the soil. You can improve soil of selected location by digging it many times. Did it until the whole soil become so soft so that you should plant your plants easily.
  • Watering After it waters the soil so that it becomes softer and softer. After when soil become enough dry after some days then again dig up so that it becomes softer than the previous one.
  • Choice of what to Grow This is most important thing and decision for beginners. Absolutely as it is your first time as a gardener then definitely you should have to choose some that kind of plants which need no more hard work and your attention and they grow very easily. Because if you grow such kind of plants which require too much time to grow, a lot of hard work and much water then definitely it will be the worst experience of your life. Most professionals say that you should have to grow vegetables of some specific kinds which grow too much easily if you are a beginner.
  • Fertilization this is also very important for the plants. If we fertilize our garden by a suggested amount of fertilizer then surely our garden will grow so much fast. And the plants which we have planted will grow too quickly. So consult to some professional and ask about some fertilizer and then fertilize your garden.

  • Consult to some professional:- Absolutely you have to consult some professional before making your garden. Because he can give you good tips and can improve your abilities so that you should make a perfect garden.

Maintenance Of A Garden

                        In this busy world almost everybody is so much busy that we can’t get even time for ourselves. But we need some spare time for relaxing our mind. So that’s why we adopt some hobbies and we want to keep busy ourselves in doing some work.

In my opinion the best hobby in the world is gardening. Yes gardening is best source of pleasure for us. It gives us such a pleasure that we feel very happy by seeing our little plants, flowers and so many other little gardening things.

                        Believe me the little plants and flowers in our garden give us such a pleasure and happiness that may be they become the best source of pleasure for us in this world. But gardening is not so much easy as other people think about. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to maintain our garden. We have to give some time for our garden on regular basis. In our garden we can plant different kind of flowers, some kind of fruit plants and may be some just fancy plants. It also depends upon our budget that which kind of garden we want to make.

Maintenance Of garden

                        But once we adopt this hobby then we have to look after it with our full responsibilities. It takes no longer time, just some time for its maintenance, watering, digging and some kind of cutting some more growing parts of the plants. But it also depends upon how big our garden and what kind of plats we have in our garden.

  • 1st thing that if we have big garden then we have to hire a professional gardener. Because he must have good experience in gardening. He knows all about the gardening and its maintenance.
  • 2nd thing is that if we have grass in our garden then on weekly basis we have to cut it and have to give it some proper shape. And it can only be done professionally by a gardener which we have mentioned above. Because he knows that how much grass has to be cut and some other things about grass.
  • 3rd thing is that watering of grass. Yes it is really important for grass. If we don’t give grass on a proper time then may be the greenish view of grass vanishes. Because grass has its class only due to its greenish view and it can only be obtained by its proper maintenance. And it can only be maintained by some professional. So hiring of professional is the 1st and most important thing in maintenance of gardening.
  • So digging is also an important factor for the maintenance of garden. Because the soil of garden become hard enough and may be it gives some harmful effects to plants. Because in some research it has been proved that digging of gardening has to be done on monthly basis otherwise growth of plants stops due to some factors.
  • Cutting is also an important factor of the gardening. Some plants grow in such a speed that its branches grow so widely that they effect very badly on the production and gowns of its neighbor plants. So cutting has be done when branches of plants are going so rapidly. And it has also be done by some professional gardener, otherwise if we try b ourselves then maybe we can’t do it in its proper and right way.